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8:15 – 9.00AM

Registration (Level 1 Foyer outside Telstra Theatre)

9.00 – 9:30AM

Welcome | Julie Oberin, National Chair, WESNET

Welcome to Country | Uncle Allen Madden, Gadigal Elder

Welcome address | Dr Hugh Bradlow, Chief Scientist, Telstra

What’s in store for exponential technologies and the exciting opportunities this presents for online safety into the future.

9:30 – 10:00AM

Session 1 – Current and Emerging Technology Safety Issues | Julie Oberin, National Chair, WESNET and Cindy Southworth, Executive Vice President, NNEDV (USA)

Join Julie and Cindy as they bring you the latest around the intersection of technology and violence against women, the big picture policy and emerging technology safety issues.

10:00 – 10:30AM

Session 2 – Technology abuse and Assistive Technology | Erica Olsen, Safety Net Deputy Director, NNEDV(USA)

Women with disabilities experience violence at higher rates than the general population. They also benefit from specialised or assistive technology. This session examines some of the risks and strategies for survivors using assistive technology.


Break & Exhibitions (Break out foyer area Level 1 and 2)

10:50 – 11.30AM

Session 3 – Image based sexual abuse and exploitation – Not about revenge, not about porn | Karen Bentley, National Director SafetyNet Australia, WESNET

Abusers are using intimate images to threaten, punish and humiliate their victims. Hear about what the WESNET SafetyNet team is seeing in the field, the ways it is happening, the impact on women experiencing this form of abuse and some strategies that might help.

11:30 – 12:15PM

Session 4 – There’s an App For That | Kaofeng Lee, Technology Safety Specialist, Safety Net Australia (WESNET)

One of the more exciting ways in which technology is being used to address violence against women and provide tools and resources for survivors is through mobile applications. Get insights into some of the issues that need to be considered by agencies and app developers during the development of safety apps, and more importantly, some tips and advice for survivors and frontline services when choosing safety apps.

12.15 – 1.15PM

Lunch & Exhibitions (Break out foyer area Level 1 and 2)

1:15 – 2:30PM

Session 5 – Tech Talk | Facilitated by Julie Oberin, National Chair, WESNET

Join all five Technology Safety Specialists from Australia and the US in this panel session as they talk tech, including emerging issues and topics around technology-facilitated abuse. You will be given a glimpse into various technologies that they are seeing in the field or currently emerging. Tasters will include topics such as spyware, geotracking, Pokemon Go, Rats & Slaves, and novel uses for Streak. We’ll also dip into how tech can be used for good through counterspeech, empowerment and evidence.

2:30 – 3:10PM

Session 6: Responding to sexism: Resistance in the digital era | Heidi Guldbaek, Technology Safety Specialist, Safety Net Australia (WESNET)

In a world where it’s easier than ever for misogynistic ideas, behaviours and systems to proliferate, strategies for resisting sexism are becoming increasingly important and intriguingly innovative. Join Heidi as she talks us through some of the emerging “hashtagactivism” in response to everyday sexism.


Break & Exhibitions (Break out foyer area Level 1 and 2)

3.40 – 4.45PM

Session 7 – Q&A with Technology Companies | Facilitated by Cindy Southworth, Executive Vice President, NNEDV (USA) with Tegan Kop (Telstra), Samatha Yorke (Google), Mia Garlick (Facebook) and Kara Hinesley (Twitter)

A panel session with technology companies including Facebook, Google, Twitter and Telstra, facilitated by Cindy Southworth. Hear about what tech companies are doing around violence against women and technology facilitated abuse.

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4.45 – 5.00PM

Closing Session – Summary & Wrap | Julie Oberin, National Chair,WESNET


There will also be exhibitions in the breakout space during breaks and the lunch hour.