Telstra has announced it will no longer charge its customers a monthly fee to have a ‘silent’ line.Previously, the ‘Silent Line’ product prevented a customer’s name, home phone number and address from being listed in public directories, and being shown when making calls. From 18 February 2018, all Telstra landline customers will be able to control whether their landline number is listed, and their caller ID preferences, via Telstra’s self-service app and online account access. Customers will be able to choose from directory options of ‘Listed’ or ‘Unlisted’ and caller ID to be ‘On’ or ‘Off.’

Telstra has advised WESNET that it will communicate directly with existing Silent Line customers, providing reassurance that their details will continue to be private and not listed in the White Pages® or online directories.

Telstra will no longer charge the previous fee of $2.93 per month for preferences that increase privacy.

WESNET welcomes Telstra’s announcement, which will reduce the cost of taking privacy measures for victim-survivors of domestic and family violence, and workers in the women’s sector. Keeping personal information private is an important part of increasing personal safety, especially for workers in high-risk environments and women taking steps to protect themselves from violent abusers. We also welcome self-service options that allow victim-survivors to easily see, understand and control the privacy of their landline phone numbers and other personal information.

Telstra is introducing the changes automatically on and from 18 February 2018.