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So, you wanna build an app?

In the last few years, there has been increased interest in how technology can be used to assist survivors of abuse. With this interest, we have seen a flood of mobile apps and devices that can help survivors call for help, let selected friends know that they may need help, find resources and information on [...]

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Is there spyware on my phone?

What is mobile spyware Mobile spyware is software that can be installed on to a mobile phone that will allow someone else to remotely monitor activities on the phone. (Note: mobile spyware is slightly different from computer spyware. Read our Computer Spyware and Safety handout for more on computer spyware.) Depending on the type [...]

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You’ve got mail: privacy & safety tips

Many workers use email to communicate information to and about survivors. However, email is not a secure form of communication. In addition to the fact that email is not secure, it’s easy for emails to be forwarded, accidentally sent to the wrong person, or be downloaded onto many devices. There are many ways someone [...]

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What’s the deal with Snap Map?

Snapchat recently released a new feature called Snap Map. It was immediately met with a flurry of negative feedback and concerns for user privacy and safety. As with any technology, device, platform, or service, new features can have an unexpected impact on user safety and privacy. The following is our assessment of potential privacy [...]

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Resources: Women’s Technology Safety-Privacy Toolkit

We are very excited to share a set of resources! The Women’s Technology Safety & Privacy Toolkit comprises a wide range of information on how women can use their technology more privately and securely. Click here to the Women’s Technology Safety & Privacy Toolkit This toolkit includes tipsheets on a wide range of topics, [...]

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What is Technology Safety?

Technology safety is a term coined by our sister project, Safety Net US at the U.S. National Network to End Domestic Violence. The phrase encompasses the concept that everyone should have the right to use technology without harm or harassment. To achieve this, technology safety also includes education on how technology can be used safely [...]

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ICYMI: Tech Summit 2016

In case you missed it, in November the Safety Net Australia project at WESNET hosted its inaugural Technology Summit in Sydney, NSW. The summit was attended by nearly 100 people who saw speakers ranging from international technology safety experts, Telstra’s chief scientist, and representatives from major technology companies: Facebook, Twitter, Telstra, and Google. Presenters spoke [...]

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