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Why understanding technology is vital in tackling domestic abuse

This article was originally posted on Telstra Exchange. by Karen Bentley, National Director - Women’s Services Network (WESNET) Technology has the potential to be a two-edged sword for those experiencing domestic violence. Working at the Women’s Services Network (WESNET), I’ve seen first-hand how perpetrators can misuse technology to abuse their victims, most often women. This includes threats [...]

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Are you smart enough to live in a smart world?

We live in a world where everything is at our fingertips. Literally. From our smart phones and smart watches, we have the ability to control our entire lives - from knowing how much milk you have in your fridge to unlocking your front door while you're at work. Smart technology is turning everyday objects, [...]

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Registration is now open!

Registration for the 3rd Annual Technology Safety Summit is now open! Click here for pricing information and to register. This summit is for anyone interested in the intersection between technology and violence against women. Come join us and engage with national and international experts on technology safety and domestic violence and meet other front-line practitioners interested [...]

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Save the date! 3rd Tech Summit in the Gold Coast

We are so pleased to announce that the 3rd Annual Technology Safety Summit will take place on 6-7 September in the Gold Coast this year! The Summit continues our commitment to increase the knowledge and capacity of front-line practitioners on technology-facilitated abuse. In addition to our amazing team, we’ll have national and international experts present [...]

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Updated: Image-Based Abuse handout

We just updated our handout on image-based abuse. This update includes more information about the Office of the eSafety Commissioner’s Image-Based Abuse Online Portal. In Australia, image-based abuse is the sharing of (or threat to share) intimate images without the consent of the person in that image. Many states in Australia have legislation that makes [...]

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Securing your home Wi-Fi network

The first thing people ask when they visit is: “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” Home Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury but almost a necessity for many households. So many home devices: computer, laptop, smartphones, tablets, smart TV, printer, home cameras, and for some households, even lightbulbs and refrigerator connect to the internet! In this [...]

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Tips for a secure email

An email address is essential for most transactions these days, from activating a mobile smartphone, to making online purchases, to setting up an online account. An email address is more than just another method for someone to contact you. Your email account may contain sensitive and important communication and is often connected to important [...]

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Emergency safety apps: which one is right for me? Part III

How to choose an emergency safety apps and incorporate it into a safety plan With so many different apps, and the fact that some of them duplicate what you can already do with your phone, how do you decide if you need an app, and if so, which one to choose? Below are more [...]

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Emergency safety apps: which one is right for me? Part II

Apps that notify emergency responders How it works Another type of emergency safety app will notify a call centre, who will then contact 000 on your behalf if you have an emergency. Often called ‘personal safety alarms,’ these services can come as a mobile app, an app that you download onto a smartphone, or [...]

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Emergency safety apps: which one is right for me? Part I

There are many emergency safety apps for smartphones and wearable devices (sometimes also called personal safety alarms) available for victims of abuse. They generally fall into two categories: (1) services that notify a select group of individuals that you have an emergency, and (2) services that notify emergency responders that you need help. Because [...]

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