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Securing your home Wi-Fi network

The first thing people ask when they visit is: “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” Home Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury but almost a necessity for many households. So many home devices: computer, laptop, smartphones, tablets, smart TV, printer, home cameras, and for some households, even lightbulbs and refrigerator connect to the internet! In this [...]

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Tips for a secure email

An email address is essential for most transactions these days, from activating a mobile smartphone, to making online purchases, to setting up an online account. An email address is more than just another method for someone to contact you. Your email account may contain sensitive and important communication and is often connected to important [...]

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Emergency safety apps: which one is right for me? Part III

How to choose an emergency safety apps and incorporate it into a safety plan With so many different apps, and the fact that some of them duplicate what you can already do with your phone, how do you decide if you need an app, and if so, which one to choose? Below are more [...]

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Emergency safety apps: which one is right for me? Part II

Apps that notify emergency responders How it works Another type of emergency safety app will notify a call centre, who will then contact 000 on your behalf if you have an emergency. Often called ‘personal safety alarms,’ these services can come as a mobile app, an app that you download onto a smartphone, or [...]

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Emergency safety apps: which one is right for me? Part I

There are many emergency safety apps for smartphones and wearable devices (sometimes also called personal safety alarms) available for victims of abuse. They generally fall into two categories: (1) services that notify a select group of individuals that you have an emergency, and (2) services that notify emergency responders that you need help. Because [...]

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2nd Annual Technology Safety Summit Was a Success!

We had a fantastic Technology Safety Summit this year! We were joined by nearly 150 practitioners, academics, technologists, and survivors to talk tech, domestic violence, and violence against women. It was two days of passion-filled discussions and presentations from Australian & International experts on the intersection of technology, women, and safety. Thank you everyone who [...]

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New Resource: Privacy & Safety on Facebook

WESNET and Facebook Australia teamed up to release an Australian version of Privacy & Safety on Facebook: A Guide for Survivors of Abuse. Launched at WESNET’s 2nd Annual Technology Safety Summit, this guide includes information about Facebook’s settings and features, as well as privacy tips for survivors using Facebook. The guide also includes Australian-specific resources [...]

Good practices for computer security

The computer (or laptop) is a ubiquitous item in most households. It sits in the corner for the kids to do their homework on or for us to check email and maybe pay a bill or two. At the office, it is the workhorse that we don’t even think about when we log in [...]

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Should I use public Wi-Fi?

With most people carrying around smart devices, whether it’s a smartphone or tablet, having access to Wi-Fi is almost a necessity. And if your device’s mobile or data plan isn’t generous, coming upon public Wi-Fi while you’re out and about can be a life-saver. But just how risky is using public Wi-Fi? Should I [...]

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Technology safety education: more than turning off location settings

On 26th and 27th October 2017, we will be welcoming over a hundred national and international practitioners, technologists, and academics to Melbourne at our 2nd Annual Technology Safety Summit. As we’re gearing up, we’ve been reflecting on what technology safety – and specifically technology safety education – means to us. More than turning off location [...]

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