We are very excited to share a set of resources! The Women’s Technology Safety & Privacy Toolkit comprises a wide range of information on how women can use their technology more privately and securely.

Click here to the Women’s Technology Safety & Privacy Toolkit

This toolkit includes tipsheets on a wide range of topics, from online safety and privacy to smartphones. Also in the toolkit are printable handouts as well as short videos that show users how to increase various privacy settings on their smartphones.

Although this toolkit was developed specifically for survivors of technology-facilitated abuse, the information contained in it can be used by anyone interested in increasing their privacy and security when using their smartphones, surfing online, or using their computers.

Front-line workers can print out the handouts or show to videos to survivors they are working with. Use these resources to start a conversation about technology safety and to develop safety strategies.

If there are any missing that would be helpful, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We plan on releasing more resources in the future, so sign up for to get our latest news and updates!

Click here to the Women’s Technology Safety & Privacy Toolkit