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Save the date! 3rd Tech Summit in the Gold Coast

March 16th, 2018|Comments Off on Save the date! 3rd Tech Summit in the Gold Coast

We are so pleased to announce that the 3rd Annual Technology Safety Summit will take place on 6-7 September in the Gold Coast this year! The Summit continues our commitment to increase the knowledge and [...]

Updated: Image-Based Abuse handout

February 27th, 2018|Comments Off on Updated: Image-Based Abuse handout

We just updated our handout on image-based abuse. This update includes more information about the Office of the eSafety Commissioner’s Image-Based Abuse Online Portal. In Australia, image-based abuse is the sharing of (or threat to [...]

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Securing your home Wi-Fi network

February 16th, 2018|Comments Off on Securing your home Wi-Fi network

The first thing people ask when they visit is: “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” Home Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury but almost a necessity for many households. So many home devices: computer, laptop, smartphones, [...]

Technology Safety Summit

Save the date!

The 3rd Annual Technology Safety Summit will be in the Gold Coast this year, 6-7 September 2018. Registration will be open soon.

Sign up for more information, and we hope to see you there!

Resources & Toolkits

Check out our wide range of resources for front-line workers and women experiencing technology-facilitated abuse.

The “Women’s Privacy and Safety Toolkit” comprises a range of resources from online safety to smartphone privacy. Written specifically for survivors of abuse, these resources will help you use your technology more privately, securely, and safely.

The “App Safety Centre” includes a tips for survivors on how to choose the best safety app to use as part of their safety planning. This toolkit also includes a series for app developers who want to develop safety apps for survivors of abuse.

What is technology safety?

Technology safety is the concept that everyone has the right to use technology without being harassed or abused. On this site you will find a wide range of resources and advice on the latest information in how you can use your technology safely. For more, check out our resources, latest blog posts, and attend our annual Technology Summit.

Read more about what technology safety means to us.

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