App Safety Centre

Safety apps and devices can be a resource for survivor experiencing domestic violence or sexual assault. These apps and tools can help support a survivor in many ways, including learning more about domestic violence or sexual assault; alert others if she feels unsafe; and even document abuse for evidence.

This page includes information for survivors, practitioners, and app developers. We will continue to add more resources to this page as we develop them.

For App Users and Frontline Workers

2020 Review of Domestic and Family Violence Apps

Click here to read about each of the Australian safety apps we reviewed.

Emergency ‘Call for Help’ Safety Apps

‘Call for Help’ safety apps generally fall into two categories: (1) services that notify a select group of individuals that you have an emergency, and (2) services that notify emergency responders that you need help. This three-part series explain what each of these types of apps/services do, the benefits and limitations of ‘Call for Help’ safety apps, and what to think about before using a ‘Call for Help’ safety app as part of your safety plan.

For App Developers

“So, you wanna build an app?”

This “So, You Wanna Build an App” series was written by our sister project, the U.S. Safety Net Project at the National Network to End Domestic Violence. This series is based on lessons learned when developing the NNEDV Tech Safety App, and in reviewing dozens of apps created for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.