Safety Net Australia – Permission for Use

Safety Net Australia is the author of written handouts, curricula, and multimedia materials. These materials are posted on WESNET’s various websites, including,, and distributed to training attendees and frontline workers and local agencies. These materials will be noted ©WESNET, where appropriate.

Printing and distributing Safety Net Australia material

Any handout or resource material that is posted on WESNET’s various websites may be printed out and used by anyone. WESNET does not require users to seek permission before printing and distributing our public materials.

Posting Safety Net Australia material online

Any agency is welcome to link to Safety Net Australia’s online resources. Although we don’t forbid agencies from posting our materials directly on their website, we prefer that our materials be linked from our website(s) since materials on our website will be the most up to date. Safety Net Australia is not responsible for the accuracy of any Safety Net Australia resources that is not posted directly from WESNET websites.

Material that is not allowed to be posted online will be noted on the material itself. Please do not post those materials online. If you find any of our “DO NOT POST ONLINE” materials posted online, please contact us with the link of where you found it so we can request its removal. In general, most of Safety Net Australia’s training curricula are not permitted to be posted online.

Copying, altering, or updating Safety Net Australia material

Unless explicit permission is granted, copyrighted Safety Net material cannot be copied, altered, or updated by anyone. Any copying, altering, or updating of any of Safety Net Australia’s materials, in part or in whole, without explicit permission will be considered a copyright infringement.