We are so pleased to announce that the 3rd Annual Technology Safety Summit will take place on 6-7 September in the Gold Coast this year! The Summit continues our commitment to increase the knowledge and capacity of front-line practitioners on technology-facilitated abuse. In addition to our amazing team, we’ll have national and international experts present and share the latest on technology, abuse, and prevention.

We’re even more excited to share that this year, we will host a one-day event specifically for law enforcement on 5 September 2018. Teaching this day-long event will be international and national experts on law enforcement, laws, and technology.

The Technology Safety Summit is for anyone interested in the intersection between technology and violence against women and on issues related to technology, privacy, security, women, and safety. The Summit will be relevant for front line workers, police, lawyers and other legal professionals, policymakers, researchers, and technologists. Attendees have the opportunity to engage and build relationships across relevant sectors, share their knowledge, and collaborate to address technology-facilitated abuse.

We hope you can join us again this year! Sign up to our email list so you will know the latest happenings, including when registration opens and the program is finalised.

Read more about the Summit and check out the highlights from the 2nd Summit, which took place in Melbourne last year.