Privacy & Safety on Facebook

Several years ago, our sister organisation, NNEDV, and Facebook teamed up to create materials for survivors of abuse, online harassment, and stalking. Like us, they know how important is it for survivors to remain connected to both family and friends and to maintain control over their personal information. We also believe strongly that everyone has a right to privacy and safety, both offline and online. Survivors should not have to give up online spaces because of the actions of another person. Getting off social media doesn’t guarantee any level of safety and online spaces can decrease isolation, offering much-needed support for survivors. It is critical that survivors have the information that they need to navigate their lives safely, which in today’s digital age, includes online spaces.

Australian version available

In October 2017, WESNET collaborated with Facebook Australia to produce an Australian Privacy & Safety on Facebook booklet.  The following guides have been developed as resources to understand and navigate the various settings and features available to increase privacy and security while on Facebook.

This guide also includes information about what to do about Non Consensual Intimate Images (NCII) that are shared on Facebook. We refer to NCII in Australia as Image Based Abuse.  The media often refer to this as “Revenge Porn”.

You can download the booklet here.


Need the guide in other languages?

Facebook Privacy & Safety Guide ImageThe US Version Safety & Privacy on Facebook: A Guide for Survivors of Abuse is a slightly older and more in-depth resource that provides step-

by-step assistance to users who are experiencing harassment or are concerned about their privacy and safety due to an abusive person. It provides guidance for using features and settings within Facebook to increase privacy and security, report harassing or harmful content for removal, and document abusive behaviours in the event a user wants to seek legal assistance.

This US guide is available in the following languages:

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